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Why haven't I received a reply to my email?

When you place an order, our website will automatically send you a confirmation email. When we post your order to you, our website sends you another automatic email to let you know your order is on its way. The only thing that stops this happening is if we do not have your correct email address. Please take care when entering your email address on your order. If you email us, we always try to reply to emails immediately. We know how annoying it is to email a company and then have to wait days for a reply. If you have not received a reply from us within an hour, please check your email junk folder because our reply is probably sitting in there waiting for you.

Do you use generic pictures on your website?

No. We now photograph every dress when it arrives with us. This way you know the dress you see on our website is the actual dress you will receive if you order it. No touching up, no Photoshop changes to make the dress look different. If you need any photos of a particular part of the dress, just drop us a quick email and we will be glad to take it for you. Selling this way also shows that we have the dress in stock, ready to post to you.

What is your Returns Policy?
We are sorry to say that we do not accept returns. We are are now selling our Phase Eight dresses as private individuals. You will still be guaranteed our same great, personal customer service though. 


Are you affiliated with Phase Eight in any way?

No. We simply love Phase Eight designs and styles and this is why we only sell  Phase Eight dresses. We have no connection at all with them, we simply admire what they produce.

Payment - What do you accept?

Of course, we want you to feel safe when spending your money so we accept Paypal and Apple Pay. You have the same protection this way as you would with any other company in the world. We also accept all major credit cards through our Shopify credit card gateway including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. This gives you protection and security when entering your card details.

Delivery - When will I receive my order?

You have visited our website. You have found that perfect dress and you have paid for it. The next question on your mind must be "When will I be able to wear it?" Once we receive an order, our website will automatically send you an email to confirm everything. We also get notified at this point. We will then ensure that your order is posted to you via 2nd Class Signed For Royal Mail (excluding Sundays of course as our post office is closed on this day). You should receive your order within 48-72 hours of us posting it to you although please bear in mind delivery may take a little longer in some cases - we have no control over Royal Mail unfortunately. 

We can also offer a next day delivery service if you urgently need your order. This is with Royal Mail and the cost depends on where in the country you are and the weight of the dress. If you would like to take advantage of this service, drop us a quick message and we can quote you on the price.

Should you be one of our international customers, delivery time will be a little longer. Each country has a different delivery time. If you live outside the UK, drop us an email and we will be able to quote you an approx. delivery time.

Sizes - What size should I order?

Phase Eight, LK Bennett and Long Tall Sally all produce very high quality items. The problem is that not all designers/manufacturers stick to exactly the same sizes. We are sure you know a size 14 at Phase Eight may fit perfectly but try on a size 14 at NEXT and it may be too small or too big. We also understand how disappointing it is to save up for a new outfit only to find out when it arrives, that it doesn't fit. To avoid this, we welcome any questions about any of our dresses regarding sizes. Anything you need to know, just drop us a quick email and ask and we will go and find you the information and reply back to you as soon as we can.

Can I exchange a dress if I do not like the one I have purchased from you?

I am sorry to say that returns or exchanges are no longer possible. 

Do you purchase dresses as well as sell them?

The short answer is....maybe. Send us information and some pictures of the dress or dresses you wish to sell and we are more than happy to have a look. If we would like to make an offer, we will let you know as soon as possible. We will only consider Phase Eight dresses in perfect condition.

When I view dresses on your website, can you guarantee that the colour is exact?

The blunt answer is 'No'. As much as we try to get the pictures to match the dresses as closely as possible, every computer, laptop and tablet screen is different. Even identical screens from the same manufacturer will show a slightly different colour. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the colour will be exact (but it will be very close) If you would like to ask any questions before ordering, just drop us a quick message and we will be happy to help. Should you wish to return an item due to a colour difference between your PC, tablet or phone and the actual dress, then you will be responsible for the cost of the return postage. These returns must be made under the same rules as a regular return and must therefore be made within the same time scales.